Wald 12 is one of the oldest surviving mountain farmhouses in Wald am Arlberg. Historical records suggest that the foundations date back to 1578. It was certainly the sunniest village of its time in Vorarlberg’s Klostertal, a valley Bertsched by peace and serenity lying a thousand meters (3,280 feet) above sea level before the world-famous Arlberg.

The house is now protected by a historical preservation order. The cellar vaulting, the centuries-old tiled stove in the main room, the Lutz stove upstairs made by a local manufacturer, and the paneled ceiling installed with a great attention to detail all give the house a uniquely humble, yet homey atmosphere. The newly built rooms which match the character of the house are found in the former service side of the house dating back to 1780.

By the way, if you talk to locals about the house, don’t be surprised if they refer to it as “s’Türka Hus,” reflecting the fact that the house was owned by the Türk family until 1956.